Coming to America: The Story of Immigration: The Story Of Immigration

Betsy Maestro Susannah Ryan

Coming to America: The Story of Immigration: The Story Of Immigration

Coming to America: The Story of Immigration: The Story Of Immigration

  • Title: Coming to America: The Story of Immigration: The Story Of Immigration
  • Author: Betsy Maestro Susannah Ryan
  • ISBN: 9780590441513
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover

Combining warm prose with child friendly watercolor illustrations, an introduction to the history of immigration to the United States offers young readers a perspective on the heritage that all Americans share.

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Coming to America: The Story of Immigration vividly illustrates the journey of immigrants to the United States, dating from the Ice Age to present day. It is ideal for multicultural integration because it features immigrants from may different countries and ethnic backgrounds. I used this book for a second grade social studies lesson about what immigrants chose to bring with me when they started new lives in America. A component of the formative assessment was a luggage worksheet on which the st [...]

Personal Response.I did like this book because it talks about how people from different countries come to the United States. This book is a non fiction book. plot.This book tells facts about different immigration patterns starting thousands of years ago. The first immigrants were the native Americans who walked from Asia to America . There wasn't anyone living in America at the time. The Indians were the first people who arrived to the united state's lands. People from Europe came to the United [...]

Making Meaning Grade 4 Resource Kit

Immigrants hoped for freedom and good fortune in their new lives. Not all immigrants came to America because they wanted to. Indians were pushed off their land, Africans were forced into slavery, and the Irish were in search of a new life. In 1875 American government started regulating immigration. This picture book tells the story of Immigration to America and the struggle of it all but how now it has been improved. This book would be good to use for America Day because the story and pictures t [...]

America is a melting pot society, full of many different people and cultures. This well-written book explains the story of immigration, from Native Americans to Pilgrims and Ellis Island to refugees. The stories that make America, what it is today can all trace back to immigration. I really enjoyed and appreciate this book because of how it effectively explains immigration in a manner that is easy for children to understand. As a teacher, I would use this book for teaching about immigration and [...]

Genre: Historical fictionUnique Feature: One unique feature of this book is its use of multiple perspectives. The book goes through the lives to multiple immigrants from a variety of places in the world. When reading this book, the reader is able to see multiple perspectives on immigration to the United States.Grade: Due to the amount of text within this book, it would best used in 3rd-5th grade.

Staff PickThis book is a good introduction to the history of immigration in the United States. Maestro explains in chronological order the various people who have come to America over the centuries and their reasons for doing so.

A nice introduction to immigration in American history. Happy to see that it didn't gloss over the less fortunate, less cheery parts of immigration and it was honest about the way people were treated.

Staff PickThis book is a good introduction to the history of immigration in the United States. Maestro explains in chronological order the various people who have come to America over the centuries and their reasons for doing so.

I'm not sure why the beautiful artistic cover is not available here? This children's book shares the history of immigration in the United States. I liked the colorful pictures and I appreciated that this matter-of-fact text shares not just all the good and wonderful aspects of coming to the US, but also the bad (e.g. "All newcomers to America have a hard time at first. This is true whether they came in the 1600s or just arrived. It isn't easy to start a new life in an unfamiliar country. Most im [...]

The story is interesting to children because it goes through the process of coming to America and the lives immigrants lead once getting here. The characters, even though none are mentioned by name, are realistic because the story is true and talks about people that actually came over to America from different countries. The story allows children to think of what it might be like to be on that boat traveling all the way from Europe and how hard it must have been to get adjusted in a new place. T [...]

“Coming to America” is an informational book about the history of immigration to America. The author, Betsy Maestro, who used to be a teacher herself, explains how immigration to America began long before Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the Americas. Maestro highlights many different cultures emigrating from their home countries to America. This book reflects an informational genre, very educational in its text but interesting for children. What I love the most about this book is its em [...]

1. No award2. Preschool - Grade 33. "Coming to America" takes readers back in time for 5-10 minutes of immigration in America. Read and watch how we unfold the history of how America came to be so diverse culturally, socially and environmentally. The story dates all the way back to the very first natives of America (thousands and thousands of years ago) to the immigration process at Ellis Island. 4. I enjoyed reading this friendly and simply composed book about immigration, it's history in Ameri [...]

Summary: This informational text, presented as a narrative, discusses how people moved to American overtime, and how it became the melting pot that it is today. It focuses not just on immigration starting in the colonial era, but also movement of pre-historic peoples. Review: The story-like way this text is presented makes it approachable and easy for young students to grasp. I love that it covers people in America from the time when natives first arrived. That is something that one usually does [...]

Coming to America is a celebration of diversity and cultural awareness in America. The author, Betsy Maestro was an early childhood teacher for eleven years before writing more than one hundred books mainly on American History. She is clearly aware of her audience and is able to introduce clear concepts of immigration into the Americas from a non-bias approach. The book informs children that we are all immigrant here and it doesn’t matter how we came, or where we came from we are all welcomed. [...]

Coming to America: The Story of Immigration is a beautifully written and illustrated book. This nonfiction novel talks about how immigrants have come to the Americas from the earliest times with the ice age and how nomads crossed from Asia into modern day Alaska. Their ancestors migrated throughout the Americas and are known today as "Native Americans." The book goes onto talk about slavery, pioneers, the creation of Ellis Island, and modern day arrivals of immigrants to the United States. The v [...]

An introductory history of immigration from thousands of years ago through the present, focusing on why different groups of people came to America and how they became a part of our national heritage. Maestro points out that when Christopher Columbus "discovered" the Americas, millions of people were already living on these continents. Different perspectives are incorporated into the text, including the harsh treatment Indians received and the forced immigration of Africans. The various laws that [...]

This book is fun and cartoon-like, though still occasionally poignant. Immigration is an absolutely central part of American history. Its so important for students to understand how and why immigration has a special significance for the United States. This book does a good job of conveying that, and could definitely be used in a unit on immigration. My only beef is that the Immigration Act of 1965 is only mentioned in an "Interesting Facts" section in the back of the book, not in the main text.

Coming to America: the story of immigration is a book about the history of immigration to America. The author, Maestro, explains how immigration to America began long before Columbus’ discovery. She touches on the many different groups that immigrated to the Americas including the slaves who came by force and lost their freedom. I love that this book highlights many historical factors regarding immigration and offers a variety of topics for children to think about and consider.

“Coming To America: The Story of Immigration” is a great text to introduce students to an immigration unit and to provide students with a history of immigration and immigration laws in the United States. The text provides valuable information such as the use of Ellis Island to Process immigrants. The also book provides a clear explanation for students on how all Americans are connected to immigration.

The book, Coming to America: The Story of Immigration, provides a historical overview of U.S immigrants from the 1400’s to the year 2000. It includes almost every major nationality that has immigrated to the United States. The book describes in simple and reader friendly manner narrative reasons for immigration, the struggles that are endured, and how the people adjust to their new life and become part of America’s melting pot. Good for a social studies lesson. Grades 3-5

Grades 2-5Topic: ImmigrationThis book discussed the history of Ellis Island and the many immigrants who passed thru the Island. It offer mulitple perspectives on the immigration process. It also discusses Christopher Colombus and his voyage to America and how badly the Indians were treated once the new immigrants arrived.

A colorful book that explains that all Americans are descendants of previous immigrants. It explains a bit about why immigrants came to America. It also tells about immigration today and laws that have been enacted to control immigration. It brings the perspective of Native Americans into the discussion. This book would be useful as a model for writing a report on some aspect of immigration.

The book Coming to America by Betsy Maestro uses factual information to describe the history of immigration. The book focuses on addressing reasons as to why different groups of people migrated to America. The book focuses on a wide range of immigrants. The book can be used to suppliment lessons on immigration. This book can be used in 4-5 grade classrooms.

While not one of my favorite books to read, this story provides a change for international mindedness in your classroom. Have each child draw a picture of their family holding the flag of their family's origin. Then, have each find out how to write "America is our home too!" in the native language. Post the pictures and the phrases on a bulletin board.

This is an informational non-fiction text that includes the history of immigration to the United States. This book mentions important dates and facts, but more importantly celebrates the diversity of the United States. This book is a good book to give students background knowledge about immigration.

Excellent addition to any school/public library collection that needs a non-fiction account on the history of immigration to the US. Does not shy away from some of the darker sides of immigration (slavery, mistreatment of natives, etc.), but overall positive on how immigrants built the country into what it is today

Great book to use when talking about immigration. Also a good book to help sum up American history. This book explains why people immigrated as well who the different settlers were throughout time within the United States.

This book does a great job of summing up how we all got here - from the Native Americans to the immigrants who are still arriving today. I plan to use this with my kids, especially since I live in a city with a large refugee population.

This covers the history of arrivals in our county from the very beginning, includding "Native" Americans who Maestro states are immigrants as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and would recommend it to any reader with the time to complete it.

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