Proyecto Amanda: Invisible

Melissa Kantor Stella Lennon Jaime Valero

Proyecto Amanda: Invisible

Proyecto Amanda: Invisible

  • Title: Proyecto Amanda: Invisible
  • Author: Melissa Kantor Stella Lennon Jaime Valero
  • ISBN: 9788467544589
  • Page: 111
  • Format: ebook

Callie, Hal y Nia son tres chicos que, accidentalmente, se encuentran en el despacho del director del instituto aparentemente,no tienen nada en com n solo que conocen a una chica que se llama Amanda Pero,se dan cuenta de que lo poco que saben de su vida es totalmente falso Qui n es Amanda Qu relaci n la une con los tres chicos Una novela de misterio que no dejar Callie, Hal y Nia son tres chicos que, accidentalmente, se encuentran en el despacho del director del instituto aparentemente,no tienen nada en com n solo que conocen a una chica que se llama Amanda Pero,se dan cuenta de que lo poco que saben de su vida es totalmente falso Qui n es Amanda Qu relaci n la une con los tres chicos Una novela de misterio que no dejar indiferente a nadie.

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I found myself at the bookstore yesterday looking for a good stand-alone book to read. I found this one. I liked the cover and the plot intrigued me, so I bought it.By the first page, I was already irked. One of my pet-peeves is designer label dropping. Urg. I just can't explain how much this annoys me. Let me tell you, there was plenty of label dropping. 'She opened her COACH bag', etc. oh, and 'she watched a REESE WITHERSPOON movie'. Current pop-culture references irk me too hahaThat was just [...]

I was a little dubious about this at first. It sounded an awful lot like Paper Towns by John Green: girl commits wild act of vandalism, girl disappears, friends don't know what happened to girl and have to follow clues to find her. Beyond these basic plot points, though, Invisible i is nothing like Paper Towns. For a start, the main character, Callie, is a "mean girl" type who is hiding all the abnormal things about herself in order to fit in with the popular crowd. When her secret friend Amanda [...]

I think working at a library has reverted me back to a teenager because it seems that all I enjoy reading now are YA novels and self-help or memoirs. AnywayThe Amanda Project is pretty cool. In all honesty, I really only picked it up because I saw that the title had my name in it. Whatever, I'm narcissistic. I expected it to be a light and fluffy read. And it was - I finished it pretty quickly. The writing was clear and concise. It was definitely from a teenage girl perspective. But I was surpri [...]

I have to tell you that I really wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did! A girl moves into town and starts at a new school. She makes a friend. Or two, or three. and then she disappears. All three of the people she makes friends with are certain they are her ONLY friend. When she disappears, the principal calls them all in to the office to find out what they know- Of course, they don't know why the others are in the office. It doesn't take too long for them to begin to get suspicious and [...]

Demasiado soso, llano, simple y predecible. Los personajes no son la gran cosa y la trama de la historia es algo que ya se ha visto y hecho en otros libros. Diría que es para lectores muy, muy jóvenes que recién se meten en el mundo de la lectura. Además, no hay siquiera un mínimo sentido de resolución ni de avance en lo que va a ser la trama global. De todos modos, sí me da curiosidad saber qué pasó con Amanda, así que en una de esas sigo leyendo la saga.

I picked up this book because I thought it was the newest book by one of my more beloved authors, Melissa Kantor, and was really surprised when the book cover credited Stella Lennon. So I thought, "Did I pick up the wrong book? And who the heck is Stella Lennon?" After much Googling, I realized that Stella Lennon was just an alias. Kantor actually DID write this book; it's just that the Amanda Project is a series, and the next two books are written by different authors that they all decided to j [...]

What a quirky little book this is! I had great fun reading it. It even has its own website – yeah it’s aimed at teenagers but I still had a blast reading it.Invisible I is the first book in The Amanda Project series. It starts with three pupils – Callie, Hal and Nia who are all in the same grade but have nothing in common – being summoned to the Principals office and accused of knowing where Amanda Valentino has disappeared to. They all claim ignorance to even knowing Amanda but it turns [...]

I quit reading this because it's book 1 of 8, but the whole back cover is a breathless discussion of how readers can log onto the book's website and discuss where they think Amanda might be, and how they can influence the arc and their ideas might make it into later books! What this says to me is: I don't know what the fuck my plan is for the 7 books I have left to write. And if you don't know what your plan is, why should I invest my time? THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT.

Omg so I just remembered this book that I read about 6 years ago. Hahaha I picked it up in the bookstore because it had my name in the title. I also remember how disappointed and confused I was after reading it. Ah memories.


Amanda Valentino is a freak. Everyone in the ninth grade knows it and her clothes, wigs, temporary tattoos, and even her school grades prove it. Amanda is the new girl at Endeavor High, who just happened to arrive on Halloween. No one wants to be seen with her, especially Callie, one of the popular I-girls. She doesn’t want to admit that she has a friendship with Amanda but when Amanda disappears and leaves clues behind for her, that’s a hard thing to keep secret. When Callie finds out two o [...]

Invisible es el comienzo de una saga llena de intriga y misterio. Puede que lo que menos me ha gustado es que lo he encontrado a veces un poco infantil y que se descubrían pocas cosas a lo largo del libro. Se puede decir que podría ocurrir en la realidad la historia, pero lo hace todavía más real e interactivo con los lectores, que los protagonistas ideen una web para tratar de reunir pistas sobre Amanda y su paradero: proyectoamanda. El siguiente libro, Desde ninguna parte, estará contado [...]

Okuldayken telefondan girdiğim için yorum yapamadım geç oldu kusura bakmayın :)Amanda gittiği okulda birbirinden habersiz 3 kişiyle arkadaş olup onların hayatını yoluna sokar ve ansızın ortadan kaybolur Ve Amanda giderken bir takım işler çevirir olaylarda bu 3 kişinin başına yıkılır Ve birarada düşünemeyeceğiniz bu tipler birlik olup Amanda'nın bıraktığı ipuçlarını kullanarak aramaya koyulurlar Kitabı sevmedim ama ben Artık okul içinde geçen havalı, ezik ti [...]

It was pretty interesting, but it kept repeating some of the same lines over and over again to where it was noticable , but not annoying. I think that it's one of thos books you breeze through without remembering anyithing o.O

I read the book "The Amanda Project" When I first started reading this book I was confused, because it talked about this group of girls called the IGirls. They are a group of girls who think that they run the whole school just because their families are well known in the world, as famous people or people who own there own business in the community. But what the other girls in the group didn't know was that one of there friends Callie was friends with this girl Amanda, and something about Amanda [...]

As the new girl in math class, Amanda Valentino is the most unique, mysterious, and independent person that Callie has ever met, and she has chosen Callie to be her "guide" through life at a new school. But when Amanda mysteriously goes missing, Callie finds herself and two other "friends" of Amanda's getting accused of knowing information about her whereabouts. The three uncover that Amanda has lied about her life to each of them, causing them to wonder who Amanda really is and where she could [...]

It took me a while to read it as it didn't capture my attention as fully as other books can, but I was intrigued enough to finish it. It wasn't until closer to the end that I became more enthralled and the book leaves off enough that I want to read the next book.This book in the series is told by Callie, a popular girl. Her speech is just high school enough, but doesn't annoy me. I hope the next book, told by a different perspective, is as enthralling.

3,5/5Lo había leído hace mucho mucho tiempo y justo el otro día lo encontré en digital así que decidí releerlo. Me gustó y tengo unas terribles ganas de saber que pasa, así que a seguir con el segundo.

I enjoyed Callie's character development throughout the story.


There was a lot of potential for The Amanda Project but it just didn’t come together. I was intrigued by the plot and some of the plot points the story introduced, but there was a lot of stuff that kept it from being anything remarkable. The first major thing was the writing; it was very passive and there was a whole lot of telling and not showing. Whenever the main character Callie reacted to something, she would describe it as such: “What he just said made my stomach turn and I felt sick a [...]

Amanda Valentino is not your typical high school student. She’s mysterious and eccentric, and on top of her “I don’t give a damn what you think” attitude, she’s also the new girl at Endeavor High School. And as anyone who’s ever been a freshman at a new high school or a “new kid” in any grade knows it’s never easy. Although Amanda makes it seem not only easy, but also fun if you can imagine that.Our narrator, Callie, is part of the “I girls” which consist of your typical, y [...]

Here was another book that I wasn't sure what I'd be getting into once I cracked the cover but I can tell you right now, I'm so glad I did.I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't normally (nor purposely) read mysteries. I just tend to not gravitate towards them in a bookstore or wherever. This happened to be another BEA grab that I made so I was just blindly grabbing. From the blurb, if this were on a shelf, I probably wouldn't have given it a second chance. Boy would that have been m [...]

Callista Leary is a member of the popular clique at Endeavor High, the I-girls. However, she’s also secretly the friend and guide to eccentric new girl Amanda Valentino. When Amanda doesn’t show up for school, Callie finds herself called to the Vice Principal’s office along with Nia and Hal, two students outside her social stratum. It seems that Amanda has disappeared, leaving a bold statement behind linking the three students together. It seems Callie was not Amanda’s only guide, and th [...]

Citation: Kantor, M. (2009). Invisible I. New York: HarperTeen. Age: 13+Format: Book and websiteGenre: MysteryThis is a cross-platform story which was developed as a marketing premise by all appearances. There is a series of books about a character who goes missing but the story is left unresolved so that young girls will contribute their own stories, poems and songs about what they thing happened to the character on the online site. If they purchase anything from it, then all the better. The st [...]

This YA book is an interesting conceptual departure in several ways. First of all, it purports to be about a missing girl, Amanda, except it’s not really about Amanda at all, but about the effects of her being missing on other people.Second, the author “Stella Lennon” is a made-up name. A group of writers is working on a whole series of Amanda books. The actual author of this first book is Melissa Kantor.And finally, the book has a tie-in to a real alternate reality game (theamandaproject) [...]

The book kind of reminded me of a cheap imitation of the pretty little liars series, where there are a group of people all connected together by one person. The only difference with this series is that the group are not close friends and the girl is not dead, she is missing. I think right from the beginning I could tell that this was going to annoy me because it didn't really seem to scream hey Im unique, come read me instead. Instead it seemed to say, hey Ive run out of ideas, erm here's someth [...]

This review was originally posted on my review blog : Falling Off The Shelf (3.5/5 Rating)Callista Leary, better known as Callie, is an I-Girl. I-Girls are the most popular girls in school, and they don't associate with people of a lesser rank. Callie on the other hand, doesn't judge others as easily as the rest of the girls in her clique. She's smart, gets good grades, and enjoys learning. It's no surprise that when a new girl comes to town, it's Callie who will be showing her the ropes.When Am [...]

Sinceramente yo habia comprado el libro por tener un precio economico y queria comprar algun libro que no haya planeado antes de mano comprar. Su linda portada hizo que lo compre en la libreria apenas lo vi.Sin embargo, esperaba encontrarme con una historia mas infantil y dinamica, ya que ya habia escuchado de la famosa pagina del "Proyecto Amanda" (la cual parece que fue cerrada, una pena). Pero me sorprendi de como me enganche con el libro.La historia gira en torno a Callie, Hal y Nia, tres ad [...]

Decir que aunque sabía por la sinopsis que el libro era de misterio, no podía llegar a pensar que la cosa fuera para tanto. Me ha impresionado muy gratamente.Está escrito en primera y tercera persona, desde el punto de vista de Callie, una de las tres protagonistas y a una de las personas a las que Amanda cambia su vida.La portada es preciosa, me encanta. Y las de su segunda y tercera parte son del estilo, preciosas. Por dentro casa uno es de un color, este en concreto es rosa fosforescente, [...]

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