Spider-Man: Big Time

Dan Slott Humberto Ramos

Spider-Man: Big Time

Spider-Man: Big Time

  • Title: Spider-Man: Big Time
  • Author: Dan Slott Humberto Ramos
  • ISBN: 9780785146230
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover

Spidey hits the Big time, creating new opportunities, technology and costumes Plus the debut of the new Hobgoblin Collecting Amazing Spider Man 648 651

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This is a buddy read with two of Spider-Man’s arch nemeses Bleach and Killjoy.Subplots! Have we got subplots? Careful, you don’t want to step on a stray sub plot. Sir, would you like a side of subplot with that chicken sandwich? If you purchase this car now, I’ll throw in a year’s worth of subplots at no additional cost. How do you house train this subplot? (Okay, I’ll stop.)One thing that distinguishes Spider-Man from most of the other super hero books is the amount of dramatic person [...]

Buddy read with Jeff & Lonorry my review is late, guys.As the title implies, Spider-Man has finally hit the Big Time!Sort ofWhen the story opens, he's leading the Avengers into battle with Doc Ock!Or, at least, he gets to be the one who yells Avengers Assemble!, since Otto is his nemesis.But even though he finds a way to stop the bad guy, the Parker Luck holds true, and by that eveningPeter's homeless.Hey, at least he can always count on MJ to take him in, right?Well. Maybe not.In fact, it s [...]

There’s a lot of Spider-Man I haven’t read so I’m not sure if this is actually the first time, but the way Dan Slott presents it, it feels like it is: Peter Parker gets a paying gig as a scientist for the first time ever. It took Marvel nearly 50 years to allow this change but it finally happened - ol’ Pete no longer has to sling hammy photos of his alter-ego Spidey anymore! Annnnnd that’s the whole book basically. There’s an obligatory big superhero action scene that kicks things of [...]

Buddy read with those crazy, comic book readin' kids,Jeff and Anne .I really fucked up giving Dan Slott’s Spider-Man a pass all these years. He’s pretty darn good at writin’ ole’webhead. Slott’s stuff is the BEST Spider-Man I have read in years, if not ever. Dan really changes things up with both Peter and Spidey in this one. New girl, new job, and new life and it’s a breath of fresh air. I love that Slott actually give Peter a shot at being happy. I mean a guy that’s smart enough [...]

"Big Time" may be the title of the Dan Slott's first arc when he took over as the main writer of Amazing Spider-Man but it's also a very name to this era of Spidey adventures. He's got a high paying job as a scientist, a steady girlfriend and an Avenger to boot. He has become the hero he deserves to be; he has truly gone big time.This is something new. Honestly, I'm tired of his schtick of being a broke superhero with girl problems and an out-sized guilt complex. Peter Parker has finally made Un [...]

Total fun *and* Parker gets a run of *good* fortune for once. Whaaa? Am I dreaming, or are we getting a pleasant story for our hero?Big Time is a blast - lots of weirdness and unpredictability from the new Hobgoblin; complete creative freedom at Peter's new job; and Black Cat + Carlie Cooper both making active appearances. Plus a cool new costume for Spidey!Slott & Ramos do a great job with this book - good plot with things we don't expect (not just another Spider story), great writing for H [...]


Back to some good stuff here!One of the few Spider-Man comics that isn't based around Peter Parker being miserable.Two villains feature heavily in this one, a Hobgoblin and Alestair Smythe.Hobgoblin is the kind of bad guy I enjoy. He has actual plans and reasons for being a bad guy. Those reasons are very stupid on his part, but they make a sort of sense, at least. He's not just putting on a weird glove and then saying, "Finally I'll catch that wretched wall-crawler in a web of my own making!" w [...]

This review will have less detail than normal because I read this book a while ago and have just been too busy to review it which sucks, but that is being an adult for you. My friend Jedhua, recommended this book and I'm glad he recommended it. I have never read Spider-Man even though I have read the vast majority of other characters/titles at Marvel at this point. I don't know why this is because I enjoy the movies a great deal and find Peter Parker to be pretty compelling. Spider-Man and this [...]

Spidey is back, in what serves as a good jumping on point for those new to the Webslinger. This story serves as a real status quo setter—Peter has a new job, a new girlfriend, more money than he’s used to, a new place to live… essentially we’re moving into a new phase in Peter’s life. These stories can often be boring, as we go through the motions of establishing a new basis for which future stories can be told. How fortunate we are then that the story is told with wit, charm, and an e [...]

The last Spider-Man stories I read prior to this one were The Gauntlet and Grim Hunt storylines which I felt were too dark for my tastes. Big Time however, was much different. This book was a lot of fun. Just perfect weekend leisure reading. So, yeah, I'm gonna add this to my ever-growing list of comics which I plan to follow.

This review will be spoiler free!Rating: 🌟🌟🌟 (3/5 stars). This was definitely a very fun read. This was also the very first spider-man comic that I read (I've read comics where popped up but never have I read one where Peter Parker is our main character). I obviously loved it. For me you can't go wrong with spider-man (shockerrr I even liked spider-man 3). Now I will talk about the things I liked & the things that I didn't like. L I K E S ● Spider-man/Peter Parker was like for onc [...]

Oke comic en een stuk beter te volgen voor nieuwkomers dan humo's 1e Marvel uitgave Thor. Basis kennis van de Marvel karakters uit bijvoorbeeld de films is genoeg. Vlot geschreven en fraai getekend, soms alleen een net iets te hoge grapdichtheid.

I found this graphic novel for $3 at walmrt one day and had to get it since it was so cheap. Pretty fun Spidey comic, even though I don't follow this line.

This trade collects Amazing Spider-Man issues # 648-651.I've been slowly making my way through post Brand New Day Spider-Man (focusing on Slott and Waid's contributions) based on a recommendation from a friend. While I'm not a fan of the continuity change, the creators have made the best of it and I've enjoyed quite a bit of what I've read.Big Time comes as Slott was really establishing himself as the head of Spidey's mythos and is a bit of a shake-up to the status quo. Things start going right [...]

Amazing Spider-Man was the first comic I started reading regularly as a kid. As such, I've always been nostalgic about it and was a bit uncertain when I heard everything had changed Jameson as Mayor, Peter no longer at the Bugle, MJ relegated to a side character but despite my hesitation I found this book to be fun and delightful.Peter gets back on his feet and gets to use his smarts to develop technology at a hip, forward-thinking company. At the same time, there's a brand-new Hobgoblin out the [...]

I had a lot of fun sitting down and reading this after the last few weeks having been so busy for me. Dan Slott spun a great story that captured Peter's life outside of being Spider-Man very well, and in a new way. It was really refreshing to see Peter having his life take a turn for the better -- and not having it ripped away for once.The way Hobgoblin was portrayed was one of the highlights of the book for me. Slott presented him in such a way that you just wanted to see more and more of him b [...]

A graphic novel collection of issues # 648 to 651.Spider-Man is working(and leading, at least on this mission) the Avengers. He has a high paying dream job. He has a new girlfriend. So what if there is a new Hobgoblin, Doc Ock is continuing his rampage, or Spider Slayer is creating a new Scorpion? Spidey has hit the Big Time!I have always liked Spider-Man but I got out of comics after having read them for a very long time. That is why these graphic novel collections are so welcomed. I can catch [...]

So I've been taking a bit of a break from Edgar Allan Poe, not that I don't enjoy the man's stories, but because perhaps this isn't the time to indulge in dark and depressing subject matter.Anyway, this was a decent Spider-Man story arc. As always, Peter Parker has plenty of personal problems to deal with, but I feel like his personal problems took up a little too much of this TPB. There was plenty of work to be done with a new Hobgoblin, a need for artificial vibranium, and a growing goblin cul [...]

The opening story arc to one of the worst runs ever written on one of the best comic book characters ever created. Fuck me, where do I even begin I will start with the art. I am aware of a certain movement of people who absolutely obsessed with the work of Humberto Ramos. I am not part a part of that movement. Aside from the fact that all the characters he draws are part simian, his art looks just Well, FLAT. I don't know how else to describe it. All his people and landscapes look like flat card [...]

I'll admit I'm not a big fan of Spidey! There, I said it!What always bothered me the most about Spider-Man, was his line between being a witty guy and a depressive man who can only think about all the things he lost.That being said, I'll also admit I actually enjoyed this volume.Although it featured some villains I still think are a bit dorky (no offense Scorpio), they did a good job at making them some dangerous enemies in this story.There were a lot of side characters I didn't know, but it sti [...]

Finally, the type of Brand New Day story I was waiting forter Brand New Day kind of ended. This was such a rip roaring good time, from the great Ramos art (perfect for lightweight Spidey stories plus his women are surprisingly hot) to more sexual tension between Spidey and Cat (and robbing the Kingpin together!) to a villain with an actual sense of humor AND cool weapons (the new new new Hobgoblin) to Pete not being depressingly SOL (although they may have gone overboard the other way) to some g [...]

I'm surprise just how much I've been enjoying the Spider-Man books since the relaunch, but this book was a rare disappointment. I've liked a lot of the things Dan Slott's done (especially in the Spidey titles - his Spider-Island story is what got me reading them again) and I Humberto Ramos' artwork is beautiful, but this volume just felt a littleoff.There were several parts where the humor didn't quite work for me, where things just didn't seem to click. And while Ramos' work is wonderful, it's [...]

For a long time I refused to read Spider-man. Despite all of his great power and responsibility, his decision making skills have never been quite up to par. If anything, his life has been a series of poor choices, which so far have cost him his uncle, his first girlfriend, nearly his aunt on several occasions, and most recently his smoking hot supermodel wife and his future child. I may be missing a few, but I think you get my point.That being said, this most recent epic seems to have him finall [...]

This was my first taste of Marvel Comics. When it comes to comics, I'm primarily DC with a little Image sprinkled on the side. Marvel's just never appealed to me for whatever reason. My cousin, though, is a huge Marvel fan and he wanted to lend me a few of his graphic novels to read and Big Time was the first one.And I actually liked it. I was very impressed with Humberto Ramos's art; I think he draws the perfect Spider-Man.And I'm stoked for Peter! His new job is such a relief for him and I can [...]

Haven't read much Spider-Man in years. This looked good, so I gave it a try. Maybe I just don't have enough nostalgia for the character to care that much, but this didn't do too much for me. The issues drawn by Martin (there were two) were pretty good, but both were mood pieces. They didn't advance the story, just the character. This is good, but the stories have to be good too. Unfortunately, Spider-Man uses the same plot devices that they have for years. The same recycled bad guys fight him. T [...]

I haven't read any Spider-Man in a long, long time. I used to read UK reprints back in the 90's, around the time of Maximum Carnage, but haven't really been tempted to read any new stories. Fortunately a digital sale prompted me to check out Dan Slott's run.Lots of action, adventure and some genuinely laugh-out-loud funny moments. Slott's writing sure hits the spot! The artwork also looks fantastic for the most part, although sometimes a little busy. I only have a minor complaint; for a reader a [...]

Whoa!!! So much technology and awesomeness and nerdiness and coolness and AHHHHH!!!! Mental overloadnnot computer, error, error. lol =)I think my mind was just blownp, it was. Spidey's new stealth suit? SUPER AWESOME!!! Peter Parker's new job?? FABULOUS!!! Carlie? Eh, she's all rightbut she's a nerd, so she gets cool points. Hobgoblin's return? Wait.ke that a double appearance revenge dealThat was superb. Black Cat? Sickest thief/sidekick EVER!!!! Tops Cat Woman 100x over in MY book.Can't get ov [...]

A little divided on this one. Although a little busy for my taste, it's certainly a fun ride, with Dan Slott writing a very lighthearted energetic title, capturing Peter Parkers sheer enthusiasm at being Spidey. Enjoyed the new Hobgoblin as well, deliciously dark, and the use of Montana.Art wise, Humberto Ramos is not a favourite of mine, I don't like his exaggerated figures, but he does a decent job here, flowing panels keeping the energy of the story moving ( and there is a LOT of energy). Slo [...]

The Big Time story arc kicks off with some really big changes for Peter and it really works. Dan Slott crafts a tale which many haven’t been able to in the past and that’s letting Peter have some good luck that isn’t immediately taken away. The new supporting cast members and environment appear promising and the “New” Hobgoblin makes sense and is a good villain. Slott still delivers the funny and I doubt that will ever change. I know I’m in the minority but I still am not a fan of Hu [...]

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