Shahhat: An Egyptian

Richard Critchfield

Shahhat: An Egyptian

Shahhat: An Egyptian

  • Title: Shahhat: An Egyptian
  • Author: Richard Critchfield
  • ISBN: 9780380484058
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback

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The story of a young peasant man from the upper Nile reveals the cultural and psychological turbulence of a country being thrust into the twentieth century.

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starscloseup of peasant life in an ancient landRichard Critchfield denied he was an anthropologist, claiming to be only a journalist, but his methods and his works prove otherwise. Perhaps he did not tie his writing to any theoretical framework or to the body of existing anthropological studies, but this book, at least, lies right in the heart of what I think anthropology is supposed to be about, revealing the nature, the tone, the nuances of another society, giving us understanding of why other [...]

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