Lie Like a Woman


Lie Like a Woman

Lie Like a Woman

  • Title: Lie Like a Woman
  • Author: CampbellJones
  • ISBN: 2940011107979
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Nook

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Richard Matthews is a private eye in San Diego who s bitten off than he can chew with a simple infidelity case that ends in murder Bree Matthews is his lovely wife, a detective novelist with a PhD in forensics Together they try to solve a puzzle involving missing persons, a suicide, a walled up skeleton, and several instances of mistaken identity.

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This was a really nice light humourous mystery, and it was nice that there weren't so many characters, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to keep up with the two different but connected investigations. I like how Richard Matthews thinks that the literature and art Rita and his wife Bree discuss involves a deep personal angst. I also found that Tracy, Richard's sister was very selfish, though she did come through in the end. I ended up being very surprised with the twist in this novel.

Picture the lucky antics of a David Addison with the street smarts and knowledge of a Lara Holt and you come close to "seeing" the characters of Richard and Bree Matthews in this great book by April Campbell Jones! The writing is top notch as we're introduced to a world of characters that are immediately distinct and well-rounded trying to solve a murder mystery filled with twists and turns that leave you laughing and wanting more! Not that murder is something to laugh at, but the actions and re [...]

A very entertaining murder mystery featuring a married couple with an adorable little girl. LIE LIKE A WOMAN is fast paced and quirky.

The main character in this story, Richard Matthews, is portrayed as if he’s the male star in a sit-com – an incompetent buffoon who’s always one step behind the rest of the world. His wife, his sister, and his secretary are all better at everything than he is. I don’t want every main character I read about to be an Einstein, I do want them to have at least normal intelligence.He also comes across as a wimp and a wuss, always deferring to others about almost everything almost every time. [...]

Why did I think Nick and Nora Charles and their dog Asta while I read this? It's Rick and Bree and they have a dog, not a cute little one, but a huge untrained one, plus a tiny daughter. Okay, I'm thinking, Nick and Nora were so twentieth century. This is definitely a twenty-first century couple, we have Nick and Nora updated. Rick is the detective, but Bree does a lot of detecting so she can write mysteries. And, she must take daughter along (the dog stays home).This is definitely a romp, fille [...]

Thoroughly entertaining and hilarious in places. This is a romp of a detective mystery, with a put-upon hero who had my sympathy from the off. Loved the duo of Bree and Richard, and the overblown characters were a joy, especially Mrs Zapata! The plot was crazy, the animals were nuts, the people were mad - it was a fantastic read. I'm certainly going to be looking out for the next one. Oh, and the mystery was sufficiently puzzling to keep me on my toes!

PeculiarPeculiarcan't get passed the fact that Bree Matthews, a main character in this book has the same name as main character in Colleen Coble Rock Harbor series. Just too weird after reading all of the Coble books and loving them

Got this book free from . Did not expect much, but it was fairly good. Developed some difficulties between characters and had a good plot. Think the winding it up was done too quickly (just a few pages)for my taste.

This book annoyed me because of the amount of typos it had. I couldn't enjoy it. The story was not that good anyway!

Hated this story too long winded for a good mystery.

I really liked the title so between that and the blurb, I was looking forward to this book. Unfortunately, I couldn't connect with the characters and thought the plot was very weak.

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