Through No Fault of My Own: A Girl's Diary of Life on Summit Avenue in the Jazz Age

Coco Irvine Peg Meier

Through No Fault of My Own: A Girl's Diary of Life on Summit Avenue in the Jazz Age

Through No Fault of My Own: A Girl's Diary of Life on Summit Avenue in the Jazz Age

  • Title: Through No Fault of My Own: A Girl's Diary of Life on Summit Avenue in the Jazz Age
  • Author: Coco Irvine Peg Meier
  • ISBN: 9780816673063
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback

On Christmas Day, 1926, twelve year old Clotilde Coco Irvine received a blank diary as a present Coco loved to write and to get into scrapes and her new diary gave her the opportunity to explain her side of the messes she created I m in deep trouble through no fault of my own, her entries frequently began The daughter of a lumber baron, Coco grew up in a twenty roomOn Christmas Day, 1926, twelve year old Clotilde Coco Irvine received a blank diary as a present Coco loved to write and to get into scrapes and her new diary gave her the opportunity to explain her side of the messes she created I m in deep trouble through no fault of my own, her entries frequently began The daughter of a lumber baron, Coco grew up in a twenty room mansion on fashionable Summit Avenue at the peak of the Jazz Age, a time when music, art, and women s social status were all in a state of flux and the economy was still flying high.Coco s diary carefully records her adventures, problems, and romances, written with a lively wit and a droll sense of humor Whether sneaking out to a dance hall in her mother s clothes or getting in trouble for telling an off color joke, Coco and her escapades will captivate and delight preteen readers as well as their mothers and grandmothers.Peg Meier s introduction describes St Paul life in the 1920s and provides context for the privileged world that Coco inhabits, while an afterword tells what happens to Coco as an adult and reveals surprises about some of the other characters in the diary.

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This charming little book was a surprise gift from a friend, and I sat down and read it with a pot of coffee on the morning it arrived in the mail. What a delight! For a 13-year old, Coco has a wonderfully perceptive take on the world, and her exploits are a unique glimpse into the Jazz Age and social strata of that time. It occurred to me that my Mother was born in the upper Midwest only a few months before Coco,and while the their economic situations were vastly different, Coco's diary let me [...]

I think it must have been edited by adult Coco more than Meir is willing to admit (even to herself). And I was hoping for more about the wider world (but then, Coco is 13; she's naturally self-centered). Fun short read for anyone, definitely not just children, interested in an introduction to the time and place. Compare and contrast with Bachelor Girl, which I gave 4.5 rounded up to five stars. This gets 3.5, rounded down because I wish Meir had given us more context etc.

Through No Fault of My Own by Coco Irvine is a delightful peek into a year in the life of a 13 year-old girl in 1927. Hers was not the life of a typical teenager. She was born into a family of immense wealth, amassed when the lumber industry was at its peak in Minnesota. Her St. Paul address was Summit Avenue and she was used to all the advantages that money and family position could buy. But her diary reveals she had the typical concerns of a teenager: having a boyfriend, breaking rules, gettin [...]

Coco Irving's diary, Through No Fault of My Own, offers a glimpse into the mischievous mind of twelve year old Coco. Her days were filled with pranks, sibling squabbles and chasing boys; days just like that of an ordinary girl growing up in the 1920's, except that she is growing up in a beautiful, twenty room mansion with a father who is a wealthy executive of a local timer company. I loved reading about all the trouble that Coco gets into and how she feels like she has all the adults in her lif [...]

Delightful little story!

Cute little collection of diary entries. I wish there were more.

This delightful little book is actually the diary of a 13 year old girl for the year 1927. She grew up on Summit Avenue in St. Paul in what is now the Governor's mansion, but the family's wealth did nothing to curb this gals enthusiasm. I found this charming and often laugh out loud funny! Loved it!

There was no plot to it, and all of the characters lacked character to themselves.

Delightful! I highly recommend it. It is short, sweet and fun to read.

I was hoping to read about what life was like in my home city in the 1920s, but it really is a 13 year old girl diary and not a very adventurous one at that.

Word for word the same as the play, so the playwright was very true to the source. Delightful!

Oh, goodness! What a gem! Looking for a great holiday gift? This is it!Leave it to Peg Maier to uncover this story of a girl who grew up in what is now the governor's residence in Minnesota. Coco is full of curiosity and endlessly prone to getting into trouble. (Coco's account of her decision to drive the family car along the roads of Manitou Island is side-splitting, as are her other adventures.) Always, of course, "through no fault of her own." This is one of those books that will require abou [...]

A very endearing story and quick read. As such a precocious child, I wish she had written more in her diary.

Minnesota Book 2 of 4 for summer. I've been on a 1920's kick, so this fit the bill. Plus, it's set on Summit Avenue in St. Paul. Who doesn't dream of living in a 20 room mansion (now the Governor's) with a summer home on White Bear Lake?The book's prose is surprisingly flat. It definitely feels like a 13 year old writing in her diary. The stories, however, are anything but dry! Coco's hi-jinks could serve as the the foundation for a revved up Leave it to Beaver series. She is constantly getting [...]

The best word I can come up with for this actual diary of a young girl growing up in the St. Paul elite during the 1920's is "Delightful." Seriously, if I had a time machine, one of my first orders of business would be to go to Jazz Age Minnesota's wealthy section, find Coco Irvine, & beg her to please be my best friend, because her feistiness, fearlessness, & taste for adventure make her one of the coolest people I've ever read about. Her misadventures also make one realize that a teena [...]

I really enjoyed this charming slice of life from an entitled Twin Cities "roaring twenties" childhood. Clotilde "Coco" Irvine, 12, of Summit Avenue, St. Paul, received a diary for Christmas, 1926, and spends the rest of the next year putting into it her troubles, desires, ideas, and other thoughts. The entries are written with a wit and vibrancy that still can cause laughter, both rooted in the idiosyncrasies of the year 1927 and timeless to young adulthood in any era. I really enjoy daily life [...]

What a charming little book! I picked this up at a little book store in St Paul and thought it would be fun to read. Having spent some time walking around Summit Avenue and looking in awe at these homes, it was really enjoyable to read about a year in the life of Clotilde "Coco" Irvine who grew up in what would later become our Governor's Residence here in Minnesota.Coco was given a diary for Christmas in 1926 and this book consists of the actual entries Coco made in this diary over the next yea [...]

This is the actual diary of Coco Irvine, daughter of a rich lumber baron in St. Paul Minnesota during the 1920's. Coco's family were the St. Paul equivalents of the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts.The book starts out with the editor's notes on the family and the historical context of the time. Then Coco's diary begins and you are transported into the mind of a 13 year old girl from any time period, worrying about grades, parental boundaries, and (of course) boys. She has quite a few adventures, and [...]

I became absorbed in this gem of a book on page one. I'm delighted to say that due to the diligent research in the State Of Minnesota Historical Society archives, Peg Meier, former Minneapolis Star Tribune feature writer (and author of a bunch of absolutely wonderful books based on newspaper articles and docs from the Archives), unearthed the original text and had it published in book form. A 13 year old girl, daughter of lumber baron Horace Irvine, receives a diary as a gift and spends a year d [...]

This was a really fun, very quick read, and I highly recommend it if you like memoirs or MN history. Coco Irvine was 12 years old when she wrote this diary. It's a fascinating look at what life was like for a young girl in a wealthy family living on Summit Ave in St. Paul during the roaring 20s. The book is full of fun historical tidbits, and here is just one: the Irvine home was donated by Coco and her younger sister to the state of MN, and now serves as the governor's residence. Reading this d [...]

In the late 1920s, Coco Irvine was given a diary as a Christmas present. Over the next year, she recorded what it was like to be thirteen at the height of the jazz age, living on prestigious Summit Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota, no less. Though she often found herself in trouble, she nearly always held that it was "through no fault of her own." She also had a great sense of humor, which was very evident from her writing.I've always loved diary-style books, and this real one, published by the Uni [...]

This is a one-year diary written by a 12-13 year old girl, daughter of a wealthy lumber man in St. Paul, MN in the 1920s. They live in a 20-room mansion which in later years was donated to the State of Minnesota and is now the Governor's mansion.Coco is a very spirited child and pulls many pranks and shenanigans. It is quite funny. She continues to say "I am in deep trouble through no fault of my own." It is hilariously true to the way a young teen thinks. Nothing she does is blame-worthy, and h [...]

When I moved to St. Paul this fall, Summit Avenue quickly became my favorite place to go for walks. Every one of the hundreds of unique mansions has a different story to tell, and I would try to imagine a different time, and the types of people I could have seen sitting on their front porches or strolling along the streets, had I been there. In this diary of a year of Coco Irvine's life, she referenced the same residences that I have come to know, but they now have a new significance for me. Now [...]

This is a delightful little book that can be read in an afternoon. Coco Irvine (pronounced Ervin) was 12 going on 13 when she received a diary for Christmas. This book is an edited version of the year she recorded in that diary. Coco lived on Summit Avenue in St. Paul in the house that she and her sister later donated to the state to serve as the Governor's Mansion. The year is 1927 so the book is full of jazz-age slang that she barely understands, which is the most frequent reason for her getti [...]

The reason why readers could be disappointed with this book is that it is too short (52 pages) and leaves you longing for more. This one-year diary of precocious and prankish Coco Irvine was written in 1927 and is not only purely entertaining to read but it also makes one wonder if anyone ever thought of making this young girl's amusing revelation of her personal self into a stage play or a radio or television sitcom. There is plenty of material in this book to use in a play, including the story [...]

This "Jazz-age Diary" is a wonderful glimpse into a world now long gone. Coco Irvine's diary is not your typical young lady's, though she does admit that she has a crush on a boy in the first entry. Her writing is atypical, she is clever and quite funny.Through the diary she shares her encounters with trouble, both at home and at school, her attempts to become more cultured, and her struggles with her schoolwork. The introduction and historical background by Peg Meier round out the story and len [...]

Coco Irvine's diary from 1927, when she was 13 and her family lived in what's now the governor's mansion on Summit Avenue. It's very short -- you could probably read it in an hour -- but I kept it on my nightstand and just read a few entries at a time before bed. Coco has a hilarious voice, and her exploits are priceless. The introduction and afterward are a bit simplistic, but I enjoyed the photos at the back.

This is CoCo Irvine's diary in 1927 when she was 13; her family lived in the house that is now the Minnesota governor's mansion. This little gem of a book had me laughing out loud and made me realize that kids in the 1920's were very similar to kids in the 21st century. Maybe it's just me, but when I see old black and white photos from 100 years ago, I forget that their lives were just as colorful as ours today, if not more so.

This is a cool story for those of us that live in Minnesota. The story takes place in St. Paul, MN. It is a book filled with excerpt of a little girls diary that she wrote in the 1920's. It is hysterical, because although she get's into a lot of trouble she never takes the blame for it. Her journal writings most commonly begin with, "I'm in big trouble, though no fault of my own." This is a great historical book for students to hear in a new, funny way.

A spunky, short read from a 12 year old girl's diary from 1926. Perfect for all ages! Though I suspect boys would be less interested in reading about the romantic thoughts of young girl in love. ;) Truly, it was fun reading a (privileged) little girl's thoughts from such a different era-- especially with the introduction and afterward framing the rest of her life for the reader.

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