The H.P. Lovecraft Omnibus 1: At the Mountains of Madness and Other Novels of Terror

H.P. Lovecraft August Derleth

The H.P. Lovecraft Omnibus 1: At the Mountains of Madness and Other Novels of Terror

The H.P. Lovecraft Omnibus 1: At the Mountains of Madness and Other Novels of Terror

  • Title: The H.P. Lovecraft Omnibus 1: At the Mountains of Madness and Other Novels of Terror
  • Author: H.P. Lovecraft August Derleth
  • ISBN: 9780586063224
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback

NIGHTMARE STORIES FROM THE LAND OF TOTAL FEARThese tales of horror are in the true gothic traditionfull of hinted terrors and unholy stenches The GuardianRenowned as one of the great horror writers of all time, H.P Lovecraft produced works of enduring power Now gathered together into this omnibus volume are seven classics of screaming supernatural terror and vilestNIGHTMARE STORIES FROM THE LAND OF TOTAL FEARThese tales of horror are in the true gothic traditionfull of hinted terrors and unholy stenches The GuardianRenowned as one of the great horror writers of all time, H.P Lovecraft produced works of enduring power Now gathered together into this omnibus volume are seven classics of screaming supernatural terror and vilest horror Go thou to H.P Lovecraft and shudder The SunHorror against which there is neither defence nor refugeere is in his work something of lasting appeal Time OutFront cover illustration by Tim White.Contents Introduction H P Lovecraft s Novels by August Derleth At the Mountains of Madness The Case of Charles Dexter Ward The Dreams in the Witch House The Statement of Randolph Carter The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath The Silver Key Through the Gates of the Silver Key

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This book has been in my collection for some years now - but I have never got round to reading it. In fact its the first of a 3 volume set and part of the Grafton series of Lovecraft and Cthulhu books. Now I will have to put my hand up and admit though I have read many of the stories before. You see I have lost count of the number of editions, versions and combinations of books which contain the works of H P lovecraft and his fellow macabre authors. So this was a far easier read than you would e [...]

Pendant des années on m'a conseillé de lire du Lovecraft. J'ai fini par céder et j'ai acheté les trois tomes de la série Omnibus, laquelle se veut un rassemblement de l'ensemble des écrits de cet auteur. Mon impression générale après la lecture du premier tome est à peu près la même qu'en lisant du Stephen King: imagination débridée, idées qui me plaisent énormément, mais un traitement qui me laisse sur ma faim, et qui surtout ne me fait pas vivre d'émotions particulières. Dan [...]

The horror in At the Mountains of Madness is not in sadistic descriptions of slashings, torturings, mutilations and bloodletting, but rather in the slow build-up of the feeling that humanity is not alone in the universe and that the other inhabitants, if they consider us at all, don't really think much of us. The only times the history of the Elder Things mentions us it is as either an amusing animal kept for entertainment or as a foodstuff.The horror is that there are unfathomable depths of pre [...]

If you're at all interested in horror, you really need to read Lovecraft. He put together so many ideas that many writers continue to use. At the Mountains of Madness is one of his best works.An expedition to the Antarctic suffers mysterious losses, and the expedition leader goes to find out what happened to one of the scouting teams. He finds signs of ancient civilization and so much more. The past isn't always gone, and, cliche as it is, there are some things Mortal Man was not meant to know. [...]

Although I have read some Mythos stories, it has taken me a while to actually dive into anything penned by Lovecraft himself. I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did, but other than the rather meandering "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath", I found all these longer stories to be engaging and still, for the most part, quite chilling. "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" was the highlight of the book for me; a dark character piece with a few unexpected turns and genuinely creepy moments. "At [...]

This book collects 7 novels and novella's written by Hp lovecraft. I read all these between other books over a very long period. I just finished the last story in here. Most of these are part of his chuthullu mythos. All the stories were at least enjoyable, and some of them like "at the mountains of madness" or "dreamquest in unknown kaddath" are very good. The language is very difficult at times but the way the language is used provokes a very chilling effect at times. In the pacing and the cha [...]

I absolutely love H.P lovecraft. at first I found his works to be very hard to grasp but I suddenly just understood and I'm now addicted! this book is delightful. especially his dream circle works two of stuch are in this book.

This was a surprisingly good book for something that was written almost a century ago! The stories are pretty enthralling. I especially enjoyed The Case of Charles Dexter Ward and Through the Gates of the Silver Key.

Well worth re reading. Several of the stories still hold up well, especially the Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward.

I didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would which is a shame. The characters didn't draw me into the stories which seemed to lead nowhere in particular.

Antisemitism much? Really liked At The Mountains Of Madness but couldn't care for the other stuff.

These editions are the first collections of Lovecraft's stories that I read.

I have been listening to the H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcraft s it works through Lovecraft's stories in chronological order. I started off reading the stories on my iPod but decide that I didn't like reading the longer stories that way, so I bought a three volume Omnibus of his stories, and now it is only the ghost-written stories he wrote for other people that I need to read on-line. I started listening to the podcast in October 2010 from the first episode, and had caught up with the early epis [...]

Before reading this compilation, I had never read any of Lovecraft's works, although I had naturally heard about him a lot. I am usually not a horror person (I especially avoid horror movies and the like) and so I never had much of an inclination to read him initially. I am, however, glad I finally did since as it turns out, Lovecraft is being gravely misrepresented as a horror writer — I would classify his stories more as mystical fiction, now that I've read some of them. All in all, I've rea [...]

This omnibus collects Lovecraft's slightly longer tales, with a few shorter ones thrown into the mix. The volume opens with Lovecraft's masterpiece, At the Moutain of Madness, which is about an expedition to Antarctica that has found mysterious remnants and encountered horrors in their own right. The academic narrator's reluctance to set down what happened while simultaneously feeling compelled to tell the world in order to stop a planned second expedition to the region is captured splendidly in [...]

When it comes to Lovecraft, my story’s pretty typical for the horror fan: I first started reading him in various genre anthologies. I would be entranced by the occasional story with its weird, all-by-itself kind of style. In the end, when I saw three budget-priced volumes collecting virtually all of the author’s stories, I knew I had to get them.This first omnibus collects together the author’s longest works:AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS: The second-longest thing Lovecraft wrote. A first-per [...]

I've already read the third Omnibus, and in comparison to that, this was a major disappointment. It had its good parts, naturally, but on the whole it was tedious, and not horrifying in the least, which is supposed to be the point. The prose is chocked full of adjectives and adverbs, which really slows the stories down. If half or two thirds of them had been cut out, all the stories would've been instantly better, because the plots and characters are actually quite good. It was much too labourin [...]

I think I definitely like the idea of Lovecraft a lot more than reading actual Lovecraft. I know he has very fervent fans, but let's face it--he's not a great writer. Maybe not even a good one. But he had some great ideas, and his enduring legacy proves it.He's the "master" of the ill-defined, indescribable, unmentionable horror that can't and won't ever be described. No writer has ever used more adjectives while not ever actually describing anything. He'll spend 20 pages telling you how a chara [...]

My first time reading H.P Lovecraft and what a great time i had. I was borrowed two omnibus editions am currently reading through the 2nd book. There is no doubt he was very talented with his words and descriptions. I find his stories seem to have similar aspects and he often repeats him self regarding visual images looking like art works. What makes his work special though was the aspect of dreams and reality and how they cross. This is best realised in the last collection of short stories whic [...]

My first experience of Lovecraft was mixed. The first two stories in this collection, At the Mountains of Madness and The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, ranged from good to great. I found ATMOM somewhat repetitive but an intriguing introduction to Lovecraft's work, but I loved CDW from beginning to end; it was much closer to what I'd been led to expect from the author.The Dreams in the Witch-House was decent. Didn't do a lot for me overall but it contained some cool imagery.I really enjoyed The St [...]

H.P. Lovecraft Omnibus 1: At the Mountains of Madness (1999) sisältää nimikkonovellinsa ja lyhyen johdatuksen lisäksi kuusi muuta Lovecraft-tarinaa: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, The Dreams in the Witch-House, The Statement of Randolph Carter, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, The Silver Key sekä Through the Gates of the Silver Key. Näistä neljä jälkimmäistä kertovat Randolph Carterin seikkailuista unimaailmassa ja sen ulkopuolella, muiden ollessa enemmän tai vähemmän itsenäis [...]

A collection of four stories. The first, At the Mountains of Madness, is a stark contrast to most horror stories. As it takes place in the stark whiteness of Antarctica. The Elder Thing makes its wonderful appearance, albeit not in full form. But unfortunately a lot of procrastination in the writing drags us on, and we never do see much of the Elder Thing but only hints of it, and eventually something else. I enjoyed this story probably the most, despite the snail pace in the beginning. And espe [...]

After reading this and Tracy Kidder back-to-back, I'm thinking of writing a sequel, "Mountains Beyond Mountains of Madness", in which Paul Farmer sets up a clinic/asylum in Antarctica to care for Great Old Ones displaced by Shoggoth attack. But seriously, folks. I like Lovecraft ok ("The Shadow over Innsmouth" being my personal favorite), but I've never been an especially big fan. If you've read one of his stories, you've pretty much read them all. That said, "At the Mountains of Madness" is one [...]

At the Mountain of Madness & The Case of Charles Dexter Ward:Entertaining.The Dreams in the Witch-House:Quite creepy. There was a bit more "character" to this character, and everyone loves haunted mansions.The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath:I had to constantly remind myself that I wasn't reading a Neil Gaiman book. Style-wise, this story was very different from the others. The cats, the descriptions of places and only briefly mentioned happenings, the long sentences, starting with "and" after [...]

It’s hard to write a critique of short stories, especially a set of them that make up a larger story. I’m referring to Haunter of the Dark and At the Mountains of Madness, as (nearly) each story is part of the larger ‘Cthulhu’ mythos. I love these stories and his antiquated style of writing, which wasn’t his era, just his preferred style which matches the content so well. Lovecraft is the only writer who scares me. King doesn’t, neither does Poe or Lumley. Whenever I’m reading Love [...]

I read this as the Classic Mystery/Horror/Crime Fiction entry for the Back to the Classics Challenge. I've had a copy of this for sometime, and have never gotten around to reading it, so this was the perfect excuse.It's really interesting to see how writing has changed over time. At the Mountains of Madness contains many long winded descriptive passages that took a little getting used to. Once I gotten used to that, the book really to a hold of me. It's easy to see why this is considered a horro [...]

How many times can a writer use the word 'eldritch' ? I'm sure it appears every 4th page in every story in this collection. On balance,I prefer the shorter works in Omnibus 3 because these longer ones do show that his style can be ponderous and verbose (and the stories are more unsettling). Many times I caught myself thinking 'get on with it!' as yet another eldritch description unfurled. I can't fault Lovecraft's imagination and creation of a mythos but the execution is disappointing. Your mile [...]

First introduction to Lovecraft. Solid entertainment. No grand masterpiece; HP starts to repeat his phrases after a while, but his honest infatuation with his particular brand of horror comes through in his style and is beguiling in its own way.But I had to stop after a while: you see, I work with architecture software that generates and manipulates complex geometry. You do that for 10, 20 hours a day and then try to relax reading about shifting, non-euclidean forms that appear and disappear, op [...]

Okay, I will start this review by saying I respect H. P. Lovecraft for what he has done for the horror genre. At the Mountains of madness was a bit disappointing to me. I know Lovecraft can be wordy, but this story was insane with the adjectives. Also, I can imagine that in his time the idea of what could be found in the antarctic was far creepier then it is today.The other stories in the book were far better in my opinion. My favorite was "The Shunned House." (P.S. Not sure if the version I hav [...]

Having discovered, under the influence of friends, H.P. Lovecraft while still in high school, I continued to pick up volumes of his work as I happened upon them. This particular collection I read during summer vacation from college while staying at grandmother's cottage in SW Michigan.The novella at the center of this small collection is one of Lovecraft's major works, somewhat reminiscent of Edgar Allen Poe's The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket.

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